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Horoscope Dreams

Aries (3/21 – 4/19)I have a pet rabbit that lives in the driveway named Jeffrey.  (The rabbit is named Jeffrey, not the driveway.)  Jeffrey's a good pet because he's completely self sufficient, lives outside, no cages or pet food are involved, but we keep tabs on each other.  When I leave the house, I always tell Jeffrey where I'm going.  "Don't worry, Jeffrey, I'll be back in a bit.  I'm just going to town to sit in that orange chair for a while."  Once in a while, Jeffrey sits in the middle of the driveway, obviously a plea to get me not to leave, but I love us both more than that.  We aren't going to have a clingy, dependent relationship, so I gently encourage him to move out of the way, and he hops into the bushes as if he's scared of me.  By the time I  get home, he's sitting right where I park my car again, and we both pretend nothing ever happened.  I never left, he never pouted, and so on.  Aries, your horoscope is about all of t…

Portal Mystery

There was a sign on the portal for a few days, but this morning, poof, it was gone!  Some people say that it got sucked in, and will appear in a news article in 1864 if I look, or maybe an article in 2057 if I look ahead.  Others say that perhaps the time travellers needed to keep the note handy to refer to as they try to figure out this new town.  Either way, I hope they're doing okay.  Someone, and I'm not naming any names, but someone may have to replace the sign.


Many days ago, I noticed a pair of shoes near the base of a huge cedar tree in the park by the river.  It’s the tree that used to have the beehive in it, the one that gets lit up at Christmas-time.  

The shoes were positioned as if someone had been running, and then poof, no more person, just the shoes.  The distance between the shoes made it obvious that the person had been running really fast towards the cedar tree, suggesting two possibilities: either a new dimension opened up, or a head injury ensued.  I didn’t see any blood.

Several days later, I noticed that the shoes remained in the same position.  I pointed it out to Cake Boss, who agreed that evidence suggests that time travel starts right here in this town.  
The next day, Cake Boss texted a photo of a sock near the portal, and a second photo of the shoes, which had been moved and placed on the feet of a silhouette drawn on the parking lot.

I was on a hiatus from doing my own data collection, because I was busy helping R., who h…

Time Wasting by the Stars

Aries (3/21 – 4/19)Scenario:  you get laid off, and then your former employer calls a few months later and asks you to come back to help with a big backlog because, strangely enough, no one has been doing your job since you left.  Question:  does the woman's body have ways of shutting that whole thing down?  That's my question and your horoscope, Aries.

Taurus (4/20 – 5/20):   Your week will be super fly, man.  The adjective.  As usual, new challenges, but this one involves using "fly" as an adjective at least 5 times.  Let's see if we can bring that word back.

Gemini (5/21 – 6/21):  Sometimes it seems like I'm running a little preschool for just myself.  My days are filled with snack and nap, arts and craft time and outdoor play.  Oh, and a little bit of work.  One astute teen told me that the only discernible difference between me and a preschooler is this blog, but I'd like to offer that I also drive.  I drive myself on little field trips nearly every …


So many questions...
But I'll just ask the one -- does the war against terrorism involve taking cats to the beach?  I hope they got some useful tips here.  Our nations security depends on it.  (No, cats don't like the beach.)

Downward dog and the sparkly marble

This fall, I’ll be co-teaching a series of three writing and yoga workshops with the amazing Sara T.

Many of us think about writing, and wish we would write.  In fact, we are going to write, as soon as we get time.  But the biggest problem about writing is all of it.  First, getting ass to chair.  Then, once you get there, having an idea, and then, feeling like the whole time expenditure is worthy, and sticking it out through those first uncomfortable moments where the blank page stares at you, judgingly.
If it’s not already a habit, it’s nearly impossible to find space in a busy day, or any day, for that matter, to sit down and write.  If you do carve out even a modest chunk of time, there are so many things that can derail it:  what would I write about?  Why bother? Shouldn’t I be doing something more productive with my time?  I’m not a very good writer.  What would I do with it if I did write something?  Oh, I hope no one ever reads this.  And at the very same time, I wish someone wo…