Horoscopes a la Pliny the Elder

I’m reading excerpts from Pliny the Elder’s encyclopedia.That guy!He wrote a 37 volume encyclopedia of everything, from his head. His actual head.Chapters on all aspects of the universe, natural world, magic, medicine, and mining.An enormous, opinionated compendium of all that he knew.He lived from 23 – 79, back when the years only had two digits.  He wrote this all without going to the internet or even the library.It’s lovely and awkward and inappropriately decisive.About trees:
“The treasures within the earth were long hidden, and trees and forests thought of as her ultimate gift to mankind.From trees first came food, and their leaves made mens caves more comfortable; their bark provided man with clothes.Even in our day and age, some primitive races live in this manner.”
Or this, about portraiture:
“Portraiture, the medium by which exact likenesses of people were handed down through the ages, is completely out of fashion.Bronze shields are set up as monuments; they bear a design in sil…

The World, The Whales, the Blood Red Sun Horoscopes

Aries (3/21 - 4/19):  That poor Orca mama, carrying her dead baby for all those days.  Aries, the saddest thing ever is raw grief, the feeling that we usually work hard to dilute and gloss over in all the ways we can.  We have the capacity to love with all our being and then the inevitable losing.   And there's that whale, carrying that baby day after day, reminding each one of us of the state of our own hearts.  Let the tears flow, Aries.  Its gonna be okay.
Taurus (4/20 – 5/20):  There is a new-ish low-powered FM radio station in the area, and it has about 12 listeners because did I say low-power?  The reception is spotty which adds to the charm.  They have messages from the senior center, and notices about bridge closures, and lots of good music.  On Sunday morning, a local Buddhist has a show about mindfulness, and two men in the maximum security prison 10 miles away like to listen.  But because of the poor reception, they have to contort themselves and hold on to each other to…

Finding Hope in a Crazy World

With all of the rapid changes, its hard to decide where to put our energy that will be effective, transformative, sustainable, and nourishing.  Is there such a thing?  Betsy muses on this question and her strategy.
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Aries (3/21 - 4/19):  Every morning I do a little self-test for dementia.  Lately, during the testing period, I've noticed that my coffee seems unacceptably cold.  Am I making it wrong? Drinking it slowly?  Is this a sign, Aries?  Am I wearing the coffee pot on my head and using cold water or something?  Is this the first sign?  Did I already ask that?  Aries, your week will be full of unexpected temperatures.  It's not your fault!  Try to let go and fall gracefully into dementia.  Watch me!

Taurus (4/20 – 5/20):  I think resilience is more important than happiness.  Being able, when life does it's thing, to zoom up to 5,000 feet or even 30,000 feet, obtain a grand view, and then come back down to take care of business, knowing how little everything really is. Taurus, see if you can practice your skills this week.  One way to practice is with binoculars.  Find the bird with your eyes, then lift the binocs, etc.  Oh wait.  That's instructions for a different thing.  Oop…

Advice Column

Advice column. Episode One from the past...

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Horoscopes: The Break In Edition

Aries (3/21 - 4/19):  In case you've been hiding in your closet with your hands over your ears, here's what's going on:  there was a raid on Trump's lawyer's office, Michael Cohen, and they confiscated his papers.  This caused a big to-do.  If someone confiscated my papers, no one would care, especially me.  I'd be like, "hallelujah!" and that word isn't even in my active vocabulary.  The minions would be lugging out boxes and boxes of stuff out of here and I'd be thanking them, and showing them where there's more papers.  They'd go through every last scrap and find a million half-started essays, and patterns to knit things that were never completed, and grocery lists filled with capers and yogurt, and bills, and dozens of sketch books filled with insects.  They'd probably come back later and offer me some sort of assistance.  I bet I qualify for a program.  None of my friends would be at all nervous.  That's not it went for Co…