Advice Column

Hi Everyone,
I hope you're all doing okay out there.  Also, with her extra time, my dog has started an advice column.  Feel free to write with any problems you might have.  (No medical questions or political diatribes though.  She doesn't have any expertise in that stuff.)

Stay well.

Trying to understand the bernie supporter

Please help me understand the cult of Bernie Sanders.  First, let me say that I’ll gladly vote for him if he becomes the nominee.  But these are some things that trouble and confuse me:
1.  It feels like the Bernie culture is a little rabid, you’re either a supporter or an idiot and lacking either ideals or information.  I don't like conversations that goes that way.
I consider myself a lefty/progressive, if that’s the term for people who believe that the role of government should be to help to level the playing field, create opportunity and fairness for people born into less privilege than some of us, protect natural resources, take care of the weakest among us, work to solve some of the most challenging problems of the day, offer a framework for civilized debate, and maintain an unbiased, fair legal system.  If that's what left is, yeah, count me in.  I want to pay taxes to support all of that.  (I don't want to pay taxes for the stupid new fire station that cut all the tr…

Two Things: Good versus evil, and What's for Dinner

Two things:

1.  Does it feel to anyone else like there's this giant, obvious struggle in the world of good versus evil, and it feels like evil could very well win, and we're all just sitting here, holding our breath, covering our eyes and trying not to weep?  I mean, seriously, if you need Alan Dershowitz as your attorney, it's pretty much like saying, I'm guilty AF and I'm going to get off scot-free because I have money.

2.  I saw a recipe for roasted chicken in the NYT the other day, and the pre-ramble to the recipe said,
"My guess? It’s all anyone in your set will be talking about in coming days. I think you’ll want to make it tonight, or on some evening very soon. Go to!"  That seemed really strange to me.  Like, since when does the NYT say, "Go to!"?  And I haven't heard anyone talking about the chicken, except here I am, talking about it.  But I did make it last night, and it was pretty good.  Let me know if you hear any chatter about t…


I did so well with my NY resolution last year that I thought I'd try it again this year.  I know we're already partway through the year and you're supposed to figure these things out in a drunken moment of optimism on NYE, when you think you're gonna be and do all these things that probably won't pan out, like be healthier and get more exercise and clean up all the time, and make your bed the instant you get out of it, and keep good records of everything filed away in an orderly fashion and keep up on all the paperwork.  Even if the government sends you a notice that you're supposed to get a cat, you promptly fill out the forms and do it. (I don't think that's a real thing but I'm not really sure how people decide to get cats -- there must be some notification from someone?)

Anyway.  I've been trying to come up with a resolution that's realistic, but will actually make my life better, and it finally came to me.

I am going to have a favorite…

New Year, New Possibilities

Last year I made a New Year's resolution to watch more t.v.  I know, that sounds like I'm all fancy like my dog, Jasmine Cavendish-Palmer, and am too busy doing righteous important things to watch t.v., but that isn't the case at all.  I waste more time than the average human playing Sudoku and solitaire and such, and clicking links of headlines that I only read for a few paragraphs, and so on.  TV-watching is an upgrade in so many ways, but mostly it is better because it allows me to also knit because it's hands-free.  Knitting, on its own, is kind of boring -- you need a companion who talks (not just one who sheds), or a tv show.  The other thing about increasing my tv is that I could understand more conversations and references and even be able to contribute a little. 

So, I resolved to watch more tv, and lo and behold, I did it!  Go me!  I watched Mrs. Maisel and Grace & Frankie and I'm starting to watch Gray's Anatomy.   I even watched a few episodes o…

More talking to the dog


Talking to the dog.

I've been trying to explain what's going on in the world to my dog.  She is very patient with me.