So many questions...
But I'll just ask the one -- does the war against terrorism involve taking cats to the beach?  I hope they got some useful tips here.  Our nations security depends on it.  (No, cats don't like the beach.)


  1. I hope it was just someone trying to get a little enlightenment (or, at least, a bit of enjoyment) while at work.

  2. Maybe they just needed a calming moment.

  3. Looks like you've got another fan, Betsy!

    We had a cat who liked the beach, sort of. What he liked was probably the woods at the edge of the beach, now that I think about it. He'd follow us on long walks, but only by walking up on the bank, not down with us on the sand. You're right, by golly, cats don't like the beach :)

  4. My cat might well want to BE at the beach, but she sure as hell doesn't want to GO to the beach.


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