The ocean, or vegan banana bread?

Instead of getting anything done, I'll write a little more on the great Ocean versus Vegan Banana Bread debate:

Ocean:  salty
Vegan Banana Bread:  sweet.

Ocean:  does not contain bananas unless they were washed over from the tsunami in Japan, and thus, potentially radioactive
Vegan Banana Bread:  contains bananas

Ocean:  impossible to slice
Vegan Banana Bread:  easy to slice

Ocean:  If it's in your kitchen, you have huge problems.
Vegan Banana Bread:  If it's in your kitchen, you have a welcoming treat for a vegan guest.

Ocean:  Very bad if it leaves its natural location.  Think New Orleans.
Vegan Banana Bread:  Could be swept up with a broom or eaten by a pet if it falls off the counter.

Ocean:  Very vulnerable to climate change.
Vegan Banana Bread:  Unconcerned about climate change.


  1. I'll take banana bread thanks...

  2. This is hilarious and all completely true. And you're making me hungry :)


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