Barack, the Beach, the Banana Bread

I feel like I should explain why I keep bringing up the vegan banana bread versus the ocean, so here's the back story.

My lovely daughter recently accompanied her charming bf on a vacation.  His family generously included her on their trip to a beautiful house at the ocean, and for a week, they fed her, kept her supplied with good beer, and were generally welcoming and gracious.

In my own gesture of reciprocal generosity, I made a loaf of vegan banana bread.  The bf is coming for a visit later in the week; unfortunately, we've already eaten half of it, but I remain hopeful that at least a few crumbs will remain by the time he arrives.

I've been trying to convince myself that vegan banana bread, even a few crumbs, is waaay better than the ocean.  A rent free week filled with exquisite food in an elegant house at the ocean for a week, or a partial loaf of banana bread.  The more I study it, the more clear it has become that banana bread wins hands down.

I should have kept all of this completely in my own little mind where it belongs, but, since I'm suffering from a terrible case of Reynolds Price Paralysis, where I can't write anything because I heard the story, "His Final Mother" read aloud recently, I thought I should just start writing something lame.

I thought if I lowered the bar sufficiently, it would be easy.  Like, I'm not really writing.  I'm just blathering on about the virtues of banana bread versus the ocean.  I'm not trying to write "His Final Mother", which is completely perfect, not a stray word, not a missing word.  Oh, and it has a plot too.

By taking the side of banana bread, I think I've positioned myself to really own that topic.  From here, I can explore the verticals, as they say.  (They really do say that.  The Linguist said it last week while his wife drank a strong G&T and laughed, and The Librarian suggested that maybe he start out with exploring the horizontals.  I'm not sure what any of it meant, but I think the Librarian won that round.)

So anyway, I was looking at my hit counter this morning, and noticed this:

I couldn't decide whether I was embarrassed or excited.  Surely, the busiest man on the planet doesn't have time for this blog.  I barely have time for it, and let's just say I have pretty much nothing going on.  But then again, I may be the only person on the planet writing about the virtues of vegan banana bread as compared to the ocean.  I may be the foremost expert on the matter.  It may be an issue of national security.

It's a tiny bit sad that some powerful person looks at my blog and the post is one that could definitely be written by a crazy person.  But I'm glad to see that the White House is using Chrome.


  1. I like that they got to you via Murr. If the President, or even a President's lacky (lackie? how do you spell lacky?), is reading Murr, I think it's safe to say that there is indeed, Hope for Our Future.

    I think if you put some walnuts and cranberries and maybe accidentally a handful of chocolate chips into the banana bread, it might equal the ocean. But that's just me.

    1. I completely agree; I'm glad that whomever it was reads Murr's blog. I wish I'd had something intelligent to say.

      These are good suggestions for the next loaf. I did add the walnuts, but the chocolate chips would really up the street value of the VBB.

  2. That is awesome. I'm sure those folks could use a good laugh now and then :)

    1. I just hope they don't think I'm speaking in some kind of terrorist code. :-)

  3. Is your daughter the young woman who my son brought to the beach a week and a half ago? I mean really, there is nothing needed to repay me for the presence of your daughter while I was on the beach. Even the presence of all that cold, cold water didn't really drown the warmth that having a beautiful young woman frolicking at the ocean created. Indeed, her presence ALMOST made me feel that I wouldn't mind being in my 20's again.

    So if it is your daughter who my son is hanging out with (What is the current term: dating, going out with, shagging, going steady, huh???) please just tell me where I can send a case of wine, just so you have something to wash down that wonderful banana bread. Red or white?

    1. I didn't even consider that -- the fact that they might feel put on the spot by the banana bread. They're over there thinking, sheesh, what must we do now, buy her a house?

  4. It's amusing seeing who visits one's blog. I have only had Lawyers offices and my professional governing body...oh...and yes! I did have someone from Our Nation's Capital: Ottawa - from the Parliament buildings - snooping in on my blogpost about Marijuana. That made me nervous, I have to admit.

    I prefer my blog to be read by those of little consequence. People that can't find me. Or don't care if they don't find me.

    Lately I have been sorely neglecting my blog and I am lucky if I have anyone the way, I love banana bread. Any kind, vegan or not.

    Want to meet for coffee and banana bread?

    1. Oh, there was a while earlier this summer when I tried to click on your blog and got the "you haven't been invited to view this private blog" message. I thought you were trying to get rid of your fans. :-)

      Next time you're down here, hit me up; I'll bring the banana bread.


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