I once had homeopathy explained to me in a way that I got it.  Suddenly, and unexpectedly, because I tend to be pretty skeptical about Things That Can’t Be Proved.  I get frustrated when affects are attributed to something without proof, and I get frustrated when purveyors of health promote ideas that don’t stand up to scrutiny.

I’m also impatient with the minor health woes. Who cares if you get a mild headache and fatigue when you eat potatoes?  Either skip the potatoes, or cope. That's not a real problem.

But here’s the explanation of homeopathy that I loved. What people need in life in order for personal growth to occur, is empathy. We all need an empathetic presence, the feeling of being understood and accepted for exactly who we are, to be able to move forward.

Someone saying, and truly meaning, “Oh! That must hurt.  I am so sorry. Acknowledging the pain, without exaggerating it in a gentle way that allows us to let go, and move on.  That, according to my friend, is what homeopathy does on a cellular level.  Take an extremely diluted form of the insult (poison, allergen, whatever), and give it to the cells, as if to say, “Is this what’s bothering you, little cells?  I understand.  I hope you feel better, little ones."

It is such a sweet explanation. I don’t really buy it, but still...


  1. Oh, I buy it. I have a loving,empathetic, brilliant doctor and all he has to do is sit down on his little stool (lower than I am) look up into my eyes and ask me what he can do for me.

    Cured! The RX that comes later in the visit is nearly superfluous.


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