Super powers

The question was, as always, “flying or invisibility?” 

R. contends, and I believe he heard it on This American Life, that if you select “flying”, you stick with your answer, but those who select invisibility can easily be talked out of it.

I didn’t answer, because R. and I have been through this enough that it’s one of those conversations that happens without anyone saying anything.  I pick invisibility because flying sounds tiring, and he says it’s not like I’d have to flap my wings, and I say I’m afraid of heights, and he says that wouldn’t be an issue because I can fly, duh, and I say I get vertigo easily, and he says that’s lame, and I stick with invisibility, and he says that’s creepy, and I clarify that I wouldn’t use the power to be creepy, but rather, just to be lazy sometimes, like to lay down and take a nap when its not appropriate, or to not talk to people because I’m out of things to say but I don’t want to be rude.  I explain that I’m not sure where would I go if I fly anyway, which he says is as lame as anything about me, not knowing where to go if I could fly.   

I like this conversation, because it’s familiar.  Conversationally, it is the equivalent of chicken and dumplings.

This time, though, M. is around, and asks for clarification:

“Could I fly really fast, or would I just go at walking speed?” I know.  That’s the way M. thinks.  Who else would even consider that flying would happen at walking speed?

“Um, that would just be weird.  Hovering slowly above ground.  That’s not really flying,” R. clarified.

“If I can go really fast, I’ll pick flying.”

But I’ve been thinking about super powers lately, and really, neither invisibility or flying appeals to me much.  I’d really just like to have the power to write a good post now and then, which feels daunting lately.


  1. I always want to have the ability to heal from any wound like Wolverine or the Highlander.

  2. Hmmm...I posted a longish comment on this and it has disappeared somehow. Perhaps I have the power of invisibility but only as it applies to commenting on either people's blogs? Anyway, to sum it up, you have more super powers than any other human being I know. You rock and it's a pleasure to know you, even if that does just mean following your blog these days.




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