Da new guy

Met the new boss.  Two of the head guys walked him around, introducing everyone, and saying nice things about each of us, which was unusual, and also a little sad and sweet, because we all pretty much feel like we're on the chopping block.

First the managers came around and warned us, "At 2:00, he'll be coming by to meet you."  Meaning, comb your hair, and don't be just standing around.  So I did, I actually did comb my hair, and we even turned off the music (Tone Loc, thanks for the idea, P.).  When the small but powerful entourage got to me, R. said, "Betsy's really..." and I finished the sentence for him, "a star."  And J. and R. were all, "Yes, she really is."  Which was kind of awkward, because it was one of the first complements I've gotten, and, well, I gave it to myself, which makes me think I should have started doing that years ago.  I brought my hands to heart center and bowed a little bit, and they moved on to the next cubicle, where I heard R say, "B is a real problem solver.  He's a real asset."

I immediately e-mailed B., "Hey, did R. say you have a nice ass?"  Which caused him to gufaw while the entourage was talking about the next person in line.  I guess we all had that weird nervous energy because we could see how nervous our old bosses were, and we could see that they were doing what they could to try to save our jobs, which actually seemed kind of sweet and also maybe a little bit hopeless.  


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