If you were to read the editorials in yesterday's Seattle newspaper, you'd see something about how a poor farmer tried to pave a driveway, was told it would cost $22,000 in permit fees, got an attorney, and had it knocked down to $10,000.

You'd also read that he tried to use a few mobile homes as sheds, but wasn't allowed to do so because he didn't have a drainfield.  Too bad he didn't explain how he was  given the option to remove the plumbing and keep them as sheds, but said that wouldn't work because he needs the plumbing, so the County said he needed a drainfield, and around and around it went.

Too bad the columnist didn't do any fact-checking.  The farming activity described as "paving a driveway" was actually constructing a completely new road up a steep slope, within a landslide hazard area, to access a new lot that he was developing.

I'm not defending a $22,000 cost, and surely, there's a story there, but it is irritating that they don't get the facts before reporting on that. 


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