A little rant about the planet, The Leaf, and polyamory.  I just fixed a bunch of random clicky noises.


  1. So nice to hear your voice! Got my first butt warmer car a year ago. It feels really nice on these 20 below mornings. There may be some hybrids that would work for you, but I don't know how easy it is to get a manual transmission anymore. There are also some great electric bikes out there. You should definitely look into them. Polyamory? Not so sure about it, but i remember one of the rules of sharing is that you only get half as much. Especially if you don't get enough in the first place.

  2. Electric bikes look really cool but I think it would be taking my life into my hands to ride on these windy rural roads with all the big trucks. I might just get an old beater Subaru or something for backup. Enjoy the butt warmer

  3. Butt warmers in cars make me think I've peed my pants. Just thought I'd share.


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