Women are not from Mars

I was talking to my dear friend A. this morning, telling her about something I'd heard last night, and suddenly, it sounded ridiculous, like a dream.

Sometimes it's hard to tell dreaming from wakefulness; it all blurs together in a haze of podcasts that fade into dreams that fade back into podcasts, and it isn't until I have contact with another human that the distinction becomes important.  Is this TRUE, or MADE UP?  That's important to know, unless you're just in your head all the time.

I have a bunch of new podcasts that I listen to and they're all so interesting, or maybe it's the dreams that are interesting, I can't really tell one thing from another.  That might sound kind of horrible, but it's really better that way.

So here's how it went:
Me:  I heard this podcast last night about a woman who applied to be on the Bachelorette [the tv show] and also to go on a one-way trip to Mars [the planet]
A:  [Looks at me like, "you're kidding, right?"]

It's good to use graph paper when you're plotting to leave the planet.
Looks smart, like you know how to do it.
And suddenly it did totally sound made up.  I think I just accept things without scrutiny or skepticism at night, which is good.  But not so good when you have trouble telling day from night.  But I looked it up, and indeed, the mission to Mars part is true!

Anyway, the woman wasn't selected for the Bachelorette, but she made the cut for the mission to Mars.  Now I'm obsessed with trying to conjure the frame of mind you're in when you're willing to either be on a tv show where I think you have to marry a random contestant, or go to a planet that we haven't lived on (at least recently).  It's unclear whether either option supports life.  Is she just one big metaphor / inside joke for how messed up things are?  Now I wish I could remember what the podcast was because I'd like to talk to her, maybe be friends, at least until she goes to Mars.  I wonder if she's taken that "Men are from Mars" thing a little too literally?  


  1. I agree; what kind of choice is that? It boggles the mind! Of course, going to Mars boggles the mind all by itself. And reality shows do the same, except not in a good way.

    Have a good week, Betsy :)

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