A handful of random things.

1.  The city is proposing new rules to regulate honeybees due to complaints about.... poop!  You knew that, though.  Every single tme I mention to someone that I have bees, I get asked the same damn thing:  "What do you do with all the feces?  Can I get some for my garden?"  Those of you who've ever had a butterfly garden know what I'm talking about here.  Attract butterflies and soon enough, you have a huge waste problem, and before you know it, you'll wish you'd never grown a flower.  Same thing with bees.

2.  There's a wee bit of excitement around the two new named corners around here.  In addition to Throw-up Corner, we have Butt Crack Corner, named when my guests were shocked by the sight of the twelfth man and his low-riding pants. "OMG! Don't look now, but did you see that?"  For those in the know, this is the corner next to the house that's surrounded by 8 foot tall pot plants, near that pole strung with goat skulls and topped with a pentangle.)  The other new corner is my personal favorite, Nap Corner, where people come from afar to drop off couches and beds.  It's always best when the price is spray-painted right on the item.

3.  I was with a friend at the river last night, and saw this, a column of flying insects that extended up the flagpole and beyond, to the heavens.  It looks like time-lapse photography of stars, but it's really just bugs.  Think about that for a while -- because if the bugs are actually stars, um, what does that mean for everything else?

4.  I just had a spectacular visit with my family, and we laughed and cried and ate and drank, and generally felt glad to be alive among the living.  It was kind of like this: And this: 

5.  I have a new customer who's building project will be part of a reality tv show.  I know!  Who knew that the humans would be interested in watching a show about the permit process?  I'm angling to get a big part.


  1. Your voice is just as I imagined.
    Your mind never ceases to amaze me.

  2. Whenever I want a little lift to the day, I come here. A laugh is always guaranteed.

  3. I can't access the soundcloud :( ... but I heartily endorse getting together with family with nary a funeral in sight. Nor a wedding, for that matter. Just getting together is good.

    Bee poop? Butterfly poop? By all means, this must stop!

    Hope you get that big part in TV and make a million bucks.

    1. Shoot. Can you give me more info on the soundcloud issue? Is it from a phone or computer?
      And yes, apparently you're familiar with the bee and butterfly poop...

    2. I am on an older laptop, so it probably doesn't support the technology. Ms Moon seems to have been able to access it fine, so I lean toward that explanation.

    3. My favorite all time nap area was a mattress propped up by a vacate store and someone had spray painted it with the immortal saying-"it's not me, it's you". After that, everything is straight downhill.

      Except for Tuscany. See, now that I'm back, I'll be talking about the superior food, art, buildings and glamorous women with dogs. They are everywhere and I'm not kidding. Italian women are hot. I was hot too but that was because it was 90 degrees and I was sweating profusely. Even my feet were on fire. Well, not literally.

      Besides, I'm from the NW and we ROCK the birkenstocks.

      Love from your world weary friend

    4. Yes, we do rock the birkenstocks.
      Can't wait to hear about your trip and about all the superior things you've encountered! Welcome home.


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