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Hello Betsy,
Thank you for contacting the 23andMe Team. Unfortunately, we do not have any ideas for a spit party. However, if you come up with a creative idea for a spit party please let us know!
Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions.
Best Regards,
The 23andMe Team

Betsyjm, Nov 30 08:03 PM (PST):
I was wondering if you have any fun party game ideas for a spit party. My group has ordered about 20 kits, and we'll be spitting together in January. Have you any fun ideas? (I'm not sure if you'd call me an existing customer or not. We just ordered our kits. Yay.)  Did I need parenthesis there?


  1. It could be a themed costume party. Come dressed as your favorite, imagined ancestor. Or wait, you could make a mitochondria costume.

  2. Sarah has a good idea there. Maybe other options would be camels or llamas. They both spit, don't they?

    And games - how about a fill-the-shot-glass-with-spit game?

    Ewwwww ... I'll stop now, before I get so grossed out I don't want to eat Christmas cookies; that would never do.


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