Time for Pisces

It's been brought to my attention that the recent Pisces horoscope was really lame.  So were all the other ones, but at least they were longer.  So, my dear Pisces, all three of you, here's your very own long horoscope.

Pisces (2/19 – 3/20):  I was talking about Daylight Savings Time the other day and mentioned that when my kids were little, I had a rule that once we're on the new time, there will be no mention of the old time.  But as I was explaining this, the young people looked at me like, "Wow, we're so glad you're not our mother."  And I realized that it did sound unnecessarily irritable.  Like, really?  No one was allowed to even mention that we changed the clocks?  I know.  I'm not proud of that.

But I used to find it tiresome, all the: "But it's not really bedtime, because on the old time..." or, "I'm hungry now because yesterday it would have been dinner time," and so on.  I'd go on a rant, "CHILDREN!  We're on this time now.  We are so not the kind of people who continue to cling to the old time.  Keep up!"  

Last year, I accidentally made a comment about being tired after we switched times.  R. just looked at me and said, "Go to your room."   

But that's not your horoscope.  

Our beloved town is clamping down on time travel.  First, someone took the sign down.  Now they've fenced off the portal.  I'm not sure what this means.  But if you see someone stuck behind a fence this week, actual or metaphorical, free them if you can.  Or at least stand near the fence and read aloud.  Do what you can to provide comfort, Pisces.


  1. Oh, thanks for the laugh. I'm one of your 3 fish-heads, and providing comfort is what we do best. I'm trying not to notice that it's dark again in the getting ready for school morning mayhem, but I was really surprised how late last night I could still see outside. DST is a stupid concept, yes it is.
    I think Pisces have issues with patience too, but that could just be my tribe.
    Thanks for the extra horoscope love this week.
    Pisces need comforting too. We give what we can, and usually what we need.

  2. That is excellent advice for all the humans on earth, no matter which planets were aligned or however you figure that stuff out, when they were born.

  3. My brain is still fuzzy after two days. I'm taking this advice, though i'm a Leo. :)

  4. Actually laughed out loud (like LOL but more real) at R's admonishing you :)

    What a nice horoscope.

  5. I can't begin to thank you for rectifying the lame-o Pisces horoscope of yore. And with segues into portal land, no less!! Bloody brilliant.

    Do you think those trapped behind the fence would like to hear Wind in the Willows? I have an excellent old copy, complete with Arthur Rackham illustrations and pencil doodles from my kids when they were little.

  6. I rather liked the fact that you didn't let us talk about the time. It seemed to go with your teachings of "go with the flow, dont complain." I also think its quite odd that someone has blocked off the portal. Could it be that someone is trying to control the portal for sinister means?


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