Lizard's Thicket

Has anyone eaten at the Lizard's Thicket?  Click that link and watch the slide show at the top,  at least until you get to the "Macaroni and cheese is a vegetable" sign.  If you have a few more seconds (which of course you do, you're here, right?), watch the "Country Cooking Makes You Good Looking" show on the left, becauase it's also pretty damned awesome.

I started out watching the clip of Rick Perry's slip up last night over and over, and noticed on the side bar that Michelle Bachmann will be hosting a Meet and Greet at Lizard's Thicket tonight, which made me curious, more as a biologist than a citizen.  What is the natural habitat of the Tea Partiers?  What do they eat, what do they look like?  Now I've spent way longer on the Thicket website than is healthy or normal.  I don't  have time to post anything else here because I have to go directly back back to watch more videos of kids eating vegetables.  Fried chicken is a vegetable too!  Ok, gotta go.


  1. Loving the increased rate of posting. It's like finding a good book at the library by an author you thought was dead. OK, I've had a lot of wine. Should I post this? Sure.

  2. Yes, definitely drink some wine and say nice things here! I'm good with that. :-) Thanks for reading, Allison.


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