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And I scream at the top of my lungs what's going on?

Aries (3/21 – 4/19):  Wow, we're here again, Aries.  Another week, and I'm sure you were fascinated by the article in the NYT magazine about the 4-year old conjoined twins, connected at the thalamus, sharing thoughts and sensations, spending their lives at the same odd angle away from each other.  Imagine this:  one likes ketchup, the other doesn't, but each child can taste what the other eats.  This puts a whole new angle on compromise.  What if for you entire life you were forced to either avoid foods you love, or know by eating them, you're inflicting unpleasantness on a loved one.  This week, appreciate that you can eat whatever you like, and you aren't permanently stuck at an odd angle to your closest living person.  If you're metaphorically at any odd angles, straighten that out!

Taurus (4/20 – 5/20):   If you happen to be going to Paris anytime soon, like a week from Friday, go underground.  It's more than just bones, there's great art down there …

Half full

The workplace has been grim lately, as we’re on the path from 400 employees down to 65, and eight more were eliminated this week.  It’s like reality tv without the voting.  One of the things about labor unions, which, and sheesh, don't get all worked up, because I'm a big fan of worker's rights, but seriously, in this climate of reducing workforces, they create an anti-evolution trend -- survival of the least fit, with the ultimate end of populating our governments with the oldest, least enthusiastic, most bitter workers.

 One of the eight was B., who has been mentioned in a bunch of posts, so maybe you'll miss hm a little too.  We've shared a cubicle wall for 10 years, and have talked about everything there is to talk about, from our lives, the books we’ve each read for a decade, sexual fantasies, news, work, friends.  I've made him call his gf and apologize for drunk-dialing her in an angry mood, and he's encouraged me to date, even though its a cruel wor…

Your week by the numbers

Aries (3/21 – 4/19): I thought I'd do that thing they do in horoscopes where they say, "Your day will be a 7."  You'll notice that they never say anyone's day is going to be a 2.  So, your day will be a 17, Aries, and I am not making that up.  It's a prime number, and also, if you add 1 + 7, it equals eight, and you know what that means.  Oh, you don't?  Well, it's a pathway to the spiritual world, and according to some sources, is twice as luckyas the number three!  I know!  In laypersons terms, this means your week will be excellent.

Taurus (4/20 – 5/20):   Everyone has joked to death about the rapture, but what if it's just more subtle than all the talk?  What if, instead of people getting sucked up from their cars in the middle of the freeway, proving their bumper sticker true, it's more like a few people just disappear quietly, like slip out of your life.  Say, one fewer FB friend, or wait, wasn't there a different barista here last we…


In the Pacific Northwest, it usually rains right after poppies open, shortening their bloom time to a few splendid days.  After I learned about the way they bloom, which is in one dramatic pop, I tried to spend time near them each spring, hoping I’d see it.  Sometimes, I moved a chair nearby to sit and watch, but I’d always get distracted, and I’d come back later, sometimes a few days later, to find the poppy open.

One winter, when the new leaves weren’t even poking out of the ground, I became obsessed with the poppy.  I scheduled a few days off from work way out in the spring, trying to predict bloom time.  I liked the gambling aspect of it – who knows, in the dead of winter, which days to take off to see this tiny, unreported miracle?  Something felt reckless about it.  I know, total thrill seeker.  Planning to use vacation time to do nothing but sit in a chair in the garden.  And wondering, could I actually do it?  It was like a weird mix of a nature outing, and a Ze…

Your week by the stars

Aries (3/21 – 4/19):   Do you ever wake up from a dream with some new conviction, like yeah, I’m totally going to stop doing laundry for all the people at work.  That’s just ridiculous.  I’m telling them, first thing on Monday.  And you lie there feeling so good about how good your new life is going to be, but it slowly dawns on you that you don’t really do the laundry for the people at work? It was just a weird dream? And you feel a tiny bit awkward, even though all of this has only happened in your head? Yeah, I hate that. But then, if you think about it, it’s really good, because you’re already there! Your life already is better than the one you were about to fix!  I know!  Your week will be like that too, better than your dreams.  Enjoy.

Taurus (4/20 – 5/20):   Is it your birthday?  Oh my!  Begin this trip around the globe with laughter and the knowledge that you are well-loved, and the conviction to live the best life possible.  Follow the rules, and expect good things.


A giant parenting soapbox*

I read the lovely Lo’s blog post the other day, because she’s interesting and funny and feisty, and I enjoy keeping up with her life.  Lo is charming and outgoing, and generous with her complements and comments on other blogs, which is one reason that I like her.  But I did have a long comment on this post, and decided it really deserved its own post.  Here goes.

Read the post yourself, but the gist is,
“I ask in all seriousness and humility, ......What the fuck is going on?  What in the hell is wrong with raising a child to fear a certain punishment under certain circumstances and thereby to avoid bad behavior and aggravating their parents beyond the bounds of sanity?”. . . “Let us look at only one example...........the fears generated by most of the established Religions.  The fear of punishment by God (our Father, by the way) permeates every morsel of all the Religions (except, perhaps, Zen Buddhism). Most of us live in fear of some kind of hell and its endless horrible torments.  …

bin Laden, Cairo, and the iPod

I’ve been trying to write, or rather, trying not to write lately, because there’s just so much sadness out there that I don’t know where to begin. And I’m pretty sure you don’t come here to read my thoughts on the assassination of bin Laden.  No comment, except to say sheesh, I’m not a Christian, but this is old testament-y, right?  To hunt someone down and kill them in their home?  I feel a little out of the loop, but remember trials and juries?

I’m also not going to spend much time on the breaching of the levee to spare Cairo, (who says it like that, btw?  Kare-oh?)  Or Obama’s hilarious speech at the press club earlier this week.  You come here, and come on, you know it’s true, to read about my dysfunctional workplace.  That other stuff is pretty well covered elsewhere.

Before we go there, though, one more thing.  Did anyone else hear that guy interviewed on NPR about his fiancĂ© who died at Cantor Fitzgerald on 9-11?  It started out as a tender but strange reminisce, (“she was a sw…