Yeah, I'm still not over that NYT headline: "Ambitious Effort Begins to Contain All Spill Oil."  I'm sorry for not being able to move on, because we all know people like that and we don't like it.  We really don't.  But seriously, do they get to use the word "ambitious"?

Reader quiz:  Which of the following sentences uses the word correctly?
  1. That guy running out of the burning building was really ambitious! 
  2. Wow, wasn't it ambitious of her to swim to shore after the boat sank? She's no slacker.
  3. I'm feeling pretty ambitious today.  I think I'll put pants on.
  4. I have an ambitious friend who made cherimoya sorbet


  1. Once climate change has melted the polar ice caps and raised sea levels several feet and forced New Englanders to crank up their air conditioners in February, hopefully world leaders will "begin" an "ambitious" effort to keep global warming from getting out of hand.

  2. Number 4, number 4!

    And I do understand.

  3. Oh, PC, sadly, I think you're correct.

    And Jocelyn, you win!! I don't know what the prize is yet...

  4. I think the answer is always sorbet, and it kind of tipped me off...

  5. I'm almost certain the answer is 3.


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