Part 2

When Glenn and Stewart got the letters about the iPod, they were both furious, but for different reasons.  Glenn because, well, let's face it, he's just an angry guy.  Stewart because he had to give up an iPod.  So they started yelling at each other, and it went something like this:
Glenn:  Why did you give them your iPod, you idiot?  You shouldn't have done that.
Stewart:  Because I promised.  But you promised to do that science project.  Why didn't you?
Glenn:  Huh?  I never said I'd do that, sucker.  Why would I want to do that?  I don't know where you're coming up with this stuff.
Stewart:  Well, that legal paper we all signed.  That paper where you promised you'd do the extra credit science project.
Glenn:  Yeah, about that.  I never thought that was fair.  I never agreed to do it.  And by the way, you should never have given your iPod up, because it makes me look bad.
Stewart:  Yeah?  Well you not doing that project makes me look bad.
Glenn, after a long argument: Hey, look what Eliza has done, she's wrecked our friendship, after all these years.  She's an idiot.  We should ask her about it.
It has come to the point where Glenn is suing Stewart, Stewart is counter-suing, and both have joined up to sue the school.  Ms. Pasta and I have been summoned to the courthouse.


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