Arrested development

II’ve been sick all week, which is unusual for me, and it’s made me grateful for my normal good health.  A week without yoga or a run, and I feel different, not in a good way.  I also appreciated being part of “the system” – getting paid sick leave, a basically free doctor’s appointment and prescription.

The drugs weren’t as miraculous as I expected, though, and I spent the week lying around in a fog, amazed at my capacity for sleep, and watching Arrested Development for a few minutes at a time in my brief waking moments.  I felt semi-pathetic because that show was almost out of my grasp.  (Wait, didn’t the banana stand burn down in the last episode?  Is Maebe an actual name?  Do I even like any of these people?  Why is George Michael such an uptight little prig?  Does it seem super-fakey that Michael started to fall for his brother’s soap-opera star gf just because she mentioned that family is important?  This show has been off the air for four years and I’m just watching it for the first time?  Why?)

In general, it went like this:  I’d lie in bed, surf the internet for a few minutes, stumble on a blog that made me tired, sporting a list of stuff you must do/read/eat/see/etc., or a post by someone who only ever wanted to read Chekhov stories because they’re so perfect and inspirational, which made me wish I had one handy, but I’d doze off again, wake, watch Arrested Development for a few minutes, get up and idly look for a book of short-stories, and then take another nap.  I think the worst is over, and I’m wishing I had wasted my week watching Bones.

A week ago I promised a story about lawyers, guns, and money without the guns and money, and I still haven’t done it.  I hope my brain gets a little less fuzzy soon and I’ll be able to make good on that.  As always, thanks for reading.


  1. It makes me sad that you haven't been able to get into Arrested Development because its definitely my favorite show. The second season is really good, if you can push through...but I think it's all really good...

  2. Oh, Emma, it's more a comment on my OWN arrested development that I can't even track the show. Do we just like Michael? Or do any of the others become more likeable? Enjoy your trip!

  3. Well its funny you should say that because I find Michael to be the only unlikable one. Haha. I especially prefer GOB and Buster. But I think you definitely become more attached to the characters as the show goes on. I am enjoying it so far, thanks!


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