The fun never stops

I’ve been asleep for much of the time since I returned home from the dog party Saturday, which might not be related to the party, but you decide.

As soon as we arrived, me tagging along with a friend and her three children, ages 5, 5, and 3, and her large black lab, 9, the dog immediately ran over to a potted plant and urinated, which I thought was good because maybe it meant less of that happening in the pool, but the woman who worked there looked surprisingly horrified, and ran over with some little pellets to Do Something about it.

The dog spent the rest of the party trying to mount the other dogs, who were diving in and out of the water, retrieving tennis balls and other saliva-soaked chew toys that were lobbed over the top of the childrens’ heads and floated all around the pool. There were definitely more canine guests than children, and all of them were quite large: german shephards, labs, etc.

Most of the adults stood on the sidelines drinking beer (I know! Let’s add alcohol to this situation, shall we? The only thing missing was firearms.) A. and I did get in, each accompanying one child (her third child, showing excellent judgement, took to a chair out of tails reach upon arrival, and stayed put the whole time.) Every so often a dog would grab the flotation device, or a child would start gumming a chew toy.

I will say that the birthday girl (a human) looked especially happy, and spent the party bobbing around contentedly with her pink waterwings, oblivious to the tufts of dog hair, smell of wet dog, and not seeming to mind when she occasionally swallowed a mouthful after getting swamped when a dog leaped into the pool, or had her toy taken away by adog.


  1. Is this dog party for real, Betsy? Is it really at a pet cemetary? Amazing...quite funny. Issy


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