Note to self

(The writing prompt for this week was to write an apology to yourself.)

Dear Self,

I’m sorry that I dragged you out of bed today at 6 am to go to a grueling yoga class, because I know you were tired and would rather have slept in. And I’m sorry I wasted so much time sitting around a coffee shop writing stuff for the dumb blog, but I must point out that it’s you that’s obsessed with it, not me.

I’m sorry that I took a nap in the middle of the gorgeous afternoon when you could have been outside playing, but I was so tired from that weird sleep last night; that dream where someone left me with 10 tiger kittens or whatever they call the baby tigers left me confused after I woke up, and it took me a long time to figure out that the ten baby tigers weren’t a real problem I had. It wasn’t my concern anymore to figure out if I should tame them, or re-introduce them to the wild, especially because the wild was Duvall, not Africa or India. But once I figured out it wasn’t a real problem, I thought, and I have to say, we both thought, what are my real problems again, anyway, if not that? Which is always a bad question to ask in the middle of the night; we both should know better.

And I’m sorry about that other dream I had in which I dreamt that in a previous dream, years ago, I had dreamed a book, and all I had to do is get up and write it, and again, I am sorry that I woke up confused about that too, thinking the book was already all written, somewhere in my head.

And I’m sorry that I dragged you up from that nap to go for a run, but you have to admit it was lovely late afternoon light, and it was kind of weird to find that little tiny dog wearing a red coat in the middle of the woods, miles from any houses. I’m sorry we couldn’t approach the dog to see what it’s tag said, because it was so growly and scared.

And I’m most of all sorry that we ran out of chocolate, because that’s one of the top things I should focus on at all times: Not Running Out Of Chocolate, no matter what else is going on.

I’m also a little tiny bit sorry for trying that beet chocolate cupcake recipe, because I don’t know if we didn’t measure correctly, or what, exactly, but after driving all the way to town for two cans of beets, I expected a better result, and I’m sure you did too.



  1. Beets in cupcakes!? That's enough to give me bad dreams.

  2. I love how kind you are to yourself, and I'm not sure if the respect I'm seeing here is mutual, but certainly hope "self" realizes what a good thing she's got going!

  3. Yes, indeed, self has it pretty good: naps, yoga, cake!


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