Hey Frankie, you're not my bro

 I get an e-mail about once a week from someone named Frank Fenimore.  He seems to think he's my brother.  He says stuff like, "did you get that puzzle I sent you? When can I come over and work on it with you? Love from your brother."

I don't have any brothers (that I know of), and it seems more than a little odd. It's been going on for a while.  Maybe  years. There are local references, like, "shall we meet at Coho's in Monroe for a drink?" What has tipped me over the edge is this weeks' note:

 Happy New Year
 How is that new cat?

 Your Cat free brother

Yes, he uses that enormous blue font.  Why does everyone think I have a cat? 

R. thinks I'm a douchebag (his word) for not replying and saying, Hey Frankie, we aren't bros. (R. claims he's a pro at using the word douchebag, a word that I find rather vulgar, because one time he was required by a teacher to write a little essay on what the word meant.  I'll let you imagine why he had to write that essay.  As a result of his research, he feels particularly qualified to use it.)  But I think Frankie should  already know we aren't related, don't you?  Does anyone else have an imaginary cyber-brother?


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