Hi Kohrtnee,

(Somehow your name reminds of the word chortle. It's late and I'm rummy, maybe that's why...)

I have two questions:

1. There is a certain relative of mine who needs to find a new place to live. Do ya think suggesting he/she plop one of these nearby would be the right encouragement? Heck, I wouldn't mind living in one of these if the location was right. It kinda says funk/eco more than trailer park. (Oops, was that a gaffe?) This relative isn't living with me, by the way, but is making those who have to live with him/her rather miserable. So just how kosher is it to say 'um, hey, relative, it's time you moved out and left your relations alone!'? (Gender disguised to protect the not-so-innocent.)

2. Why is there an Ask N'3lvra blog with the most recent post being a stale February, 2005?

Sign me,

Confused Chortler

Dear Confused,

I watched the video and almost got seasick.  So I watched it again and again and pretended I was on an oceanic cruise to a warm locale.  Then I remembered, wait, what was the question, requiring that I watch it yet again, with that in mind.  I think, yes, it is the right encouragement.  For what, I'm unsure.

Do you know those people who were in the war, and they keep bringing up the old stories?  Yes, I thought you did.  'Nuf said about the old blog.

Faithfully yours,
N'3lvra (three is silent)


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