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Dear N'3lvra,
Hubby and I will be attending a neighbor's holiday party, folks we may have met once or never, we don't remember.  Astonishingly, we BOTH want to go equally much, AND that "much" is at a sort of neutral, thumbs-horizontal level.  I am at a loss how to explain to myself how this unusual-for-us convergence has come about.  Could it be something to do with the phase of the moon?  Or are we getting onto the same (and apparently apathetic) wavelength after yearzzzzzz of rabid straining in the opposite direction?  Should I read ANYTHING into this?
Anne Awnimis

Dear Annie
(may I call you that?),
Hmm, is agreeing on thumbs-neutral the way you want to go with this thing, after all these years? Order out for some vanilla ice cream? Microwave cream of wheat in the morning? I don’t think so. This strange turn of events is nothing to celebrate.

Khortnee doesn’t have much experience with relationships, but it does seem like rabid straining would be way more fun than apathy. Could it be that one of you is just doing this to improve your agreeability cred, so that next time you want your way, you can be all, “Hey, remember that time when I was thumbs neutral on going to the neighbors house that we don’t know for free snacks and drinks? Remember? See, I’m not so very difficult, I am really quite easy to live with. Just this once, I should get my way.” Could that be it?


P.S. Don't even bother following that agreeability cred link. I just stuck it in there to demonstrate that Courtney does actual research on each issue. It's pretty complicated.

(Regarding phases of the moon, check back tomorrow.)


  1. Nope, we never discussed the party, just agreed at the same time that we should go and we could each tell we wanted to go the same amount. We went last night, it was fine, we had an equally neutral opinion of it (the people, the house, the food). You may be right though about the rabid straining being more exciting.


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