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20 Things I'm Afraid Of. Ok, 21, for good measure.

I listened to the rerun of a This American Life episode where the guy listed all his fears.  I thought it was a good prompt.
1.I’m afraid my children will die before I do.  

2.I’m afraid of turbulence on an airplane.  I fear that each buffeting downdraft will continue forever until we crash into the earth.
3.I’m afraid of Lunchables.
4.I’m afraid of dying in a way that involves gasping for breath.
5.I’m afraid of being trapped in a boring conversation.
6.I’m afraid of Target (the store).
7.I’m afraid of talking on the phone.
8.I’m afraid of being trapped in the middle seat on an airplane when I have to go to the bathroom.
9.I’m afraid of being boring.  Of being the person people are trying to get away from because I’m telling a long story about my dog or the King County zoning code.
10.I’m afraid of getting to a point in my life where it doesn’t matter what’s going on with the weather.

11.I’m afraid of fancy shoes, especially if they are pointy.
12.I’m afraid of a cervical spine injury that leave…

The Future! (And maybe even the past...)

Pisces (2/19 – 3/20):  The reason I hardly write, or go to yoga, or go to the coffee shop anymore is because of my dog.  I'm so in love with her that it's embarrassing.  I'm in a serious, monogamous relationship with her that takes up much of my time, and my micro-
adventures are unremarkable to anyone who doesn't love my dog.  But here's something that happened a few weeks ago.  I went to the dog park in Carnation, which is kind of hilarious because no dogs are ever there.  It's eight acres of fenced grass, but it seems like 100 acres because it's so vast and empty, much like the political landscape.  But one day I went, and there was another dog there!  So the dogs played and I talked to the owner, who seemed like her natural habitat was a bar stool and her beverage of choice was whisky.  

I asked her what kind of dog it was -- pure lab, or something else?  And she said, "well, if you look at the pants on him, there's more feathers than on your dog…