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I think I'll take up the investigation myself.  My qualifications:

1.  I have a very curious and mildly ferocious dog.  She would definitely be up for an investigation.  In fact, she's hoping for one.  As an example, I woke up at 5:30 the other morning thinking about this half-dead frog, and how it was probably dead, and I should go find it and get the skeleton.  Who was totally game and bounded outside with me?  Yes, Jasmine the dog.  That's the kind of spirit we need on this investigation.  And you can see how aggressive she is.

2.  I have an abundance of corn starch in my cupboard, left over from having little kids who made potions.  (Now they are adults and they make their potions elsewhere.)  Cornstarch, of course, will be used to dust for fingerprints.

3.  I own a magnifying glass, thousands of honeybees (which may become useful for smuggling information), and a nice little GPS unit.

4.  I'm not connected with any of the people involved, which may seem like a bad…