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Jill Stein and Sam Patch

The main thing I've done today is read about Sam Patch.  If you didn’t grow up in NY, you might not know who he is.   I think my entire public school  history curriculum focused on Sam Patch and the Erie Canal.  Is that normal?)
Anyway, Sam Patch was famous for jumping off Niagara Falls (and living!).  And then jumping off the High Falls in the Genessee River.  Before he jumped, he tossed a pet bear cub over the falls.  (Who does that?  Any of it?  Pet bear cub?  Jumping off 99-foot tall waterfalls?)  He eventually died jumping, which is how it goes for people who do risky things.  Drug addicts die from overdoses, mountain climbers die in a crevasse, waterfall jumpers die on the jagged rocks below.
But back to this life, where, as a friend said yesterday, the coming election makes it feel like we’re in a boat heading slowly and inevitably toward death by waterfall.  

I feel queasy to consider that one angry, narcissistic arrogant man is a hair (a weird orange comb-over hair) away fro…

Goodbye Joe

I saw his obituary on the door of the post office yesterday, where we notify one another of passings.
Joey, age 54, died unexpectedly last weekend.

He had a challenging life, and I hope he is at peace, whatever that looks like.