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Trump, Honeybees, Climate Change

I’ve been trying to follow honeybees around my neighborhood, like some weird interspecies stalker. It isn’t as easy as it sounds.  I baited a small box with honey and sugar water, and I sit next to it impatiently, waiting for a bee to come.  When she does, I slam the box closed and keep her for 10 minutes while she fills up on the treats I’ve offered.  When I open the door, she flies out, zooms around for a minute to orient herself, and then, belly full, heads directly for home to share the bounty.  I watch and try get a compass bearing to learn where she lives.  I lose sight of her quickly, but I suspect she’s heading towards a neighbor’s house.  This isn’t surprising, because my neighbor is a beekeeper. 
It’s fun to do this catch-and-release bee game, at least for me.  I hope the bees are enjoying it too. I’m fine that they fly toward a tended hive.  But what would be really exciting is to find a feral hive in the woods.  This would contribute to the pool of hope in the world, or a…

The Scope

Pisces (2/19 – 3/20):  How cell phone providers work: You arrive with a tiny problem, like, your phone won't charge because the plug doesn't fit snugly anymore.  And before you know it, they give you more minutes, a new phone, a tablet, some speakers, a new sink, an ankle bracelet that reports your movements to Verizon, and your monthly bill goes down.  It's not normal, but it happens, like time travel and Jimmy Hoffa sitings, and we're cool with the ankle monitor, because why not?  Enjoy what we must, Pisces.  

Aries (3/21 - 4/19): So, there's a situation with the rats in NYC.  First, a rat observed dragging a piece of pizza into the subway.  Then, selfie rat. Followed by pita rat.  I'm for it.  Either:  a) the rats are getting smarter, or at least more concerned about moving food around, or b) Zardulu is creating a strange permeable boundary between real and not real, staged and natural, trained rats and a rodent take-over of the world.  I don't really car…