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A handful of random things.

1.  The city is proposing new rules to regulate honeybees due to complaints about.... poop!  You knew that, though.  Every single tme I mention to someone that I have bees, I get asked the same damn thing:  "What do you do with all the feces?  Can I get some for my garden?"  Those of you who've ever had a butterfly garden know what I'm talking about here.  Attract butterflies and soon enough, you have a huge waste problem, and before you know it, you'll wish you'd never grown a flower.  Same thing with bees.

2.  There's a wee bit of excitement around the two new named corners around here.  In addition to Throw-up Corner, we have Butt Crack Corner, named when my guests were shocked by the sight of the twelfth man and his low-riding pants. "OMG! Don't look now, but did you see that?"  For those in the know, this is the corner next to the house that's surrounded by 8 foot tall pot plants, near that pole strung with goat skulls and topped wi…

Horoscopes: things to worry about

Pisces (2/19 – 3/20):  The woman I saw at a coffeeshop, wearing high heeled cowboy boots, bleach blonde hair, and tight shorts that didn't cover her ass completely.  Which is worrisome enough, but she was with a pale-faced schlub wearing baggy gym shorts down to his knees and a gigantic wrinkled tee shirt.  How does that work?  There's a lot to worry about in this story, Pisces, but the worry I'd like us to focus on is the "women against feminism" movement.  Really, people?  "Um, yeah, I think equal opportunities are a bad idea -- I would prefer to have limited choices, make less money for the same work, and most especially, have no control over reproducing!  (Have I mentioned that my boss, a high-fiving, 6-figure income white guy, asked me what the double helix is?  How do you explain that it's one of the greatest scientific mysteries solved in the 20th century without making someone feel out of the loop?)

Aries (3/21 - 4/19):  The other day, I found a n…