Short days

Time is so short these days that I can't create even the lamest post.

Here's the breakdown of how I spend my days.

That tiny light blue segment at the top?  What's supposed to go in there, my friends, is all of this:

  1. Make money, pay bills, do dishes, have friends.  Behave like a person.  Although there's some question about that.* 
  2. Do all the other important stuff, like draw bugs, make ghee candles, track bloomtimes, learn about pivot tables, read, write, try to empathize with all of the suffering humans.  
  3. Shop for a new pillow.
  4. Go outside.
Anyway, I keep thinking I'd like to write horoscopes, but in addition to the lack of time to write, there's the problem of being awake long enough for something to happen, and collecting 12 things. Twelve recent things that aren't all dreams and route talk, and then writing about them.

*I got this from 23 & Me: 
"Betsy, our laboratory attempted to isolate DNA from your saliva sample. Unfortunately, the sample did not yield sufficient quantities of DNA."  
It has been pointed out to me that I either have spit issues or I'm just a mechanism that's been tricked into thinking I'm human.  It's not so terrible, either way.


  1. *Just* a mechanism? Don't sell yourself short.

    1. Um, thanks? I am a TALL mechanism, that's for sure.

  2. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah (gasp)hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Lying in bed thinking after a nap. I think we could be paid for this, eliminating the need to 1) go outside 2) make money and the all important 3) behave like a person.

    Love from Columbia City,


    1. One day, this will become so. Lying around thinking and getting paid for it.

  3. That's too bad about your DNA test - do you still have to pay them even though they couldn't get any results? I would be bummed out.

    1. They're going to run them through again and try to squeeze a little more dna out of my meager supply.... We'll see if it works.

  4. Maybe you just are very well hydrated and your saliva was too watery? I have notoriously thick spit, according to three dentists, which is why I get more cavities. Dense or something. So maybe you're not a mechanism, just an overhydrated human. I'd ask for a retest vial though, and don't drink for an hour or so. I had to work really hard to spit enough into that vial.

    And the nap chart? So foreign to me, as I Cannot Ever Nap Ever. It's awful. I could use a nap, and a good nights sleep, or even a normal crummy night sleep. Sigh.

    But you sure cram a lot of interestingness into that little slice. And I especially like your beetle drawing. I tried drawing insects for a while, but it was so hard for me that I went back to my bug coloring books. Everybody has those, right?

    1. Yes, Mel, we all have a secret stash of bug coloring books. Of course we do!!
      I'm sad about your lack of naps and can't even imagine how you carry on, but I'm also more than a little jealous that you just soldier through each day, awake. Amazing.


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