What makes you think I have cats: the podcast

I've spent many of the last 24 hours trying to create a podcast, which is fun and engrossing and I think I'll probably quit other things in favor of this, because it's just like writing except that other people come up with the words!  How easy is that?  Not so easy, it turns out.  I spent many hours with people I love, trying to capture just why I love them so, what makes them so interesting and special, and trying to create an audio snapshot so that you can see it too.

They didn't seem too get irritated when I kept sticking the microphone in their face, asking questions, like, "C, can you explain what it is you're doing right now?  Yes, right there in the garbage can."  Etc.  

It may take a while because they're complicated people, and the editing program is also complicated, and I'm a slow learner.  I hope I can do it all justice.

Happy new year, dear friends.  Thanks for everything.


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