I got this letter yesterday, and I thought I’d answer it here in case you were wondering the same thing.  

Dear Betsy,

I'm trying to arrange my focus this week, but it's hard to work without Betsy's List...
How do I arrange for payment so I have more of a spiritual compass?


Dear "Lhane",

From your font, you look like a brave guy -- the kind of person who has a man-o-lantern from participating in scientific research.  Why, I'm guessing that if your father (or any mad scientist, for that matter) were doing research in his basement that required subjects to first shave their chest, and then get strapped into an apparatus, you'd sign right up.  What I'm saying here, "Lhane", is that you're way ahead of the curve.  Others haven't been so forward thinking, and don't understand how subscribing to the list will make their life better.  

Once I have two people eager to subscribe at the $5 per year level, we'll add that link.  (But remember, it will be hideously complicated to unsubscribe.  Don't say I didn't warn you.)

Meanwhile, I'll offer this as a signing bonus.  It may or may not come in handy, depending on how adept I am at handwriting analysis.


  1. LOL! It all fell into place when I finally clicked on the man-o-lantern link :)


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