Betsy’s List: Day 1

I had breakfast with E-bro the other day, and I’m not sure if it was because he was bored to tears with the details of my day and he meant it sarcastically, or if it was because he found it genuinely fascinating, but he suggested that I create Betsy’s List.  I think it's best to assume he truly meant it, right?

We already have Angie’s List, which is extremely judgmental.  We're not about that.  And Craig’s List, which, though I’m semi- addicted, can be fairly creepy.  (Remember “Dhave”?) Or this, just today:
Home Depot:  I bought a drill.  You helped me choose a new drill since I lost my charger. I needed it to fix my son's bed. You asked me at least twice if I needed anything else, and yes, I did...I should have gave you my number. I think your name is Larry, but to be honest I was looking at your face, not your name tag. So, if you read this, or perhaps someone you know who does, please respond....I've got to know if I read you right! 
Which brings us to Betsy’s List.  It will ultimately be a subscription service, but just to get started, I'm posting this for free.  The pricing will eventually be $35 a month, which is the same as the Very Judgmental Angie’s List, or $5 per year.  (It seems like the year subscription is a good deal, but just so you know, you’re automatically resubscribed, and you can never get out of it.  If you try, you'll be on hold for a long time, and will have to present passwords and credit card information from long expired cards, and you'll get transferred and cut off, and it will be easier to just let the thing keep re-subscribing.)  

It will be my daily to do list.  There are no guarantees that I’ll actually do everything on the list, or even anything.  The list will just be a summary of all the hope that morning brings.

Tomorrow, or one day soon, I’ll explain (if it isn’t already obvious), why you want to subscribe.  Oh, and if you buy a premium membership, you can actually assist with the list, or even check things off.  

August 6, 2012

1.    Drink coffee  (Check.  9:48)

2.    Work on this list more

3.    Move the semi-eaten bowl of granola farther away from the computer.  It smells funny.  (Check.)

4.    Paint the other porch.  Decide whether to use this method:
Note rotting wood while painting.  Realize repair is a bigger job than I'm up for at the moment.   (Yes, that is my left foot.  Note that I do not have gout.)

Find leftover piece of wood in the barn.  Probably from this project  

Paint it.  Yes, that is one of the old method of lawn chair that's very uncomfortable, but hard to get rid of.  Oh, unless you're my neighbor who brought about 4 over and put them in my barn when I wasn't home.  Along with some large plastic red, white and blue tumblers.

Place board over rotting wood.  Looks good, eh?

Unless you look from the side.  But sheesh, if you're crouching behind the barbecue, which is where you'd have to be to see this, you have bigger problems than I do.

, or just slather paint over the rot.

5.    Call Joint Base Lewis McChord and apologize for not returning their call of 2 weeks ago.

6.    Help E. get organized to apply to colleges.  (Step 1, check)

7.    Pimp this list.

8.    Review 2010 taxes.  Did I overpay? Could I get a little rebate that could tide me over til this list really takes off?

9.    If I encounter someone bleeding, apply steady firm pressure until help arrives.  

10.  If the bleeding is emotional, offer other things, like a banana (which I have too many of.  They’re starting to look funny on the counter, and it doesn’t seem like one person should own so many bananas.).  Or coffee, a poem, or free trial subscription to this list.

11.  Drink one ESB (wait til after 5 p.m.).  Read the saying on the bottle cap and become mildly disappointed, because it never was very clever, and by now I’ve read it hundreds of times.  Let that go, and enjoy the beer.

12.  Hunt down R., who apparently has gone "camping" at Cherry Falls.  I notice that the corkscrew is also missing.  Coincidence?  (R. came home of his own accord.  Said he knew nothing about the corkscrew, but thought it was funny that I didn't notice that the bottle of Beck's that's been sitting in the refrigerator for a few weeks was missing.  I'm not a drinker of beer that comes in green bottles, so I would never would have missed it.  I'm glad he brought the bottle home to recycle.)

13. Go to yoga.  Be amazed that after taking about 100 yoga classes this year I still can barely touch my toes.

14. Water the garden, and pull up the peas, which didn’t ever amount to much.  Not a single pea, after that incident with the deer.

15. Fill out my crab catch record.  6 entries, not to boast or anything.

16. Soak my finger, wounded during the crab hunting expedition.

17. Call S. about new work.  (Check)

18. Charge my phone.   (I didn't promise that this list will be interesting.)

19. Swim to stump

20. Clean out the refrigerator, because something smells weird in there.  [R. came home, started to make sausage, and voila, smell was identified and disposed of.  I barely left the couch.  Does this count?)

21. Consider dragging the recycling bins (still full) all the way back up here.  Maybe take a walk around the neighborhood to see what the community norms are on this.  Norm to the community.  Or, find someone else who has also left their bin by the curb for 10 days, and norm to them.

22. Do some actual work for my actual job.

23. Consider who I may have disappointed today, and make amends if possible.


  1. We still have a couple of those old lawn chairs...they cut in behind your knees and put your legs to sleep (which is okay if the rest of you is asleep).... your list is probably a whole lot more interesting than mine would be if I had the energy to compile one.

    1. Agreed on the lawn chairs, Delores. And about the list, yes, this is why the subscribers will be signing up in droves.

  2. I used to do a list, but it made my procrastinating too uncomfortable, so I put it off until it went away. I don't like being reminded of things I don't want to do.

    1. Mike, This is exactly why you'd want to subscribe to someone else's list. You can be reminded of the stuff that I"m not doing, and amazingly, your life will be better!

  3. Hi Betsy, Love your list, but where is your reading time? Issy

    1. Issy, it sounds like you might want to be a premium subscriber so that you can actually edit the ilst? I think I can cut you a deal.

  4. I forgot (when I wrote the above reply) that I'm not supposed to use your name, like you would in a letter or email. I also send text messages incorrectly according to my kids. That's why I don't text or reply to blogs very often. I'm probably in big trouble for this one too.

    1. I think you're a fine texter, Isobel. Don't let those young people put a bushel over your light.

    2. Okay, you're right! Your list really made me chuckle. Can't wait to read the next one and really it's so inexpensive!

  5. You inspired me! So I tried to start a list 'cept I can't find a pen. I'd write "buy pens" if I had a pen. And a piece a paper. Tomorrow. Maybe.

    1. Thanks for reading! It is more clear each day why you should subscribe, eh? You will not need the pen or the paper. Just do my list! :-)

  6. It seems that all I do this summer is perspire. Do you see that being added to your list anytime soon?

    Very entertaining post - I enjoy your wonderful sense of humour :)

    1. Thanks Jenny. I could easily add sweat to the list.


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