In which Joey drives a car

A few weird things that have happened this week:

I saw Joey driving while I was walking.  He seemed excited about the change-up, and waved gladly at me.  I, on the other hand wasn't as thrilled.  I got a whiff of how it might go down after my job ends.  I envisioned myself hitchhiking to town for a drink or 17 first thing in the morning, and Joey giving me a ride.  That, and Joey driving at all is a scary thought.

Speaking of drinking in the morning, here's the second thing:  I took R. out to breakfast at the Buzz Inn, where we seemed to be the only people drinking coffee.  Everyone else had beer or other tawny liquids adorned with swizzle sticks.  At about 9 am on a weekday.  R. and I watched Nascar on t.v., because it was there.   I guess  any behavior can seem normal if you surround yourself with people doing that same thing.  I'm alternately alarmed and comforted by this.

With any luck, I'll complete a cake and a story today, and maybe share that.


  1. Some people make cakes with beer. Well, cupcakes anyway. I saw it on Food Network. Did you make your cake today?

    1. Oh, I should look into that! Combining all my vices into one small cupcake! Yes, I made the cake, more on that later. . .. Hope you are well.

  2. To be honest, I'm surprised you don't post about NASCAR more often.

    1. Um, I guess that's a good thing. Right? (Do I sound kind of shrill?)


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