Don't know much about photography...

R. and I on a walk
 But it's so lovely around here that I took a few pictures. We've gotten 9 inches of snow here over the past few days, and more expected tonight. I'm not used to this weird, hard to control blogger interface. Bear with me...
Big trees
I know, you can't really see them, but trust me, there are four gorgeous Tundra swans in the middle of that picture.  They come back every year and just hang out here.

Mailbox snowman

It does feel a little like the apocalypse already happened, no?  These are the only colors left in the world.  Black, white, and shades of gray.
B If I could insert a caption, I'd say that in this manly neighborhood, people just handle it if a tree falls on a powerline and starts a fire.  It's what we do.  Who needs the fire department?  If the video works, you can sort of tell that someone is spraying this live electric line with a hand-held fire extinguisher.  (I didn't say we're smart up here.  No, I did not.)
Almost frozen

More post-apocalyptic beauty

This is where that Russian probe landed.

I've always liked this stump, and its especially compelling in the snow.


  1. Ah... blogger and photos. It's a troubled marriage. I use "large" and "center" as my blogger settings for photos. That will get it to not put text next to photos randomly. Second, I disabled the light box function. Directions for doing that are here ==>
    I wanted to enlarge the picture of the swans, but was not able to do so because you're defaulting to lightbox, and I want to see the birds! Great tone on tone pictures. Oh wait, it's snow. It's cooooooold. Nooooooooooooo!

  2. Allison, thank you! I just changed that setting. I hope you can see the swans a tiny bit better now. :-)

  3. I love snow pictures, especially when it's someone elses snow.

  4. weird that lack of color, I've been noticing that too. I'm up in bed where the wireless almost doesn't reach wondering if the library will open today. so far not much to the uber storm predicted....

  5. Love the swans! They're really pretty.


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