Christina's World by Andrew Wyeth
I’m at a, “why bother” place right now with writing.  I’m trying to change that, but it’s slow and painstaking, which is a lie.  Slow and painstaking conjures up the painting, “Christina’s World”, right?  As if I’m dragging myself up a steep hill using my frail little arms.  It’s not that way at all.  It goes like this: I sit down at the computer to write, but instead, play solitaire and think about how I wish I would write. Then I check FB to see if there’s anything I’ve missed, and usually there is.  Someone has undoubtedly read something else on the internet that they think I should read, and so I do, or had a meal or a hassle that I should know about, or they say something cryptic that lures me into trying to figure it out the back story by researching (notice we’re avoiding the use of the word, “stalking”) them and their friends and their friend’s friends.  Or, Emily Bazelon will post something interesting, like that Rick Santorum’s wife, Karen, was living with an abortion provider when she met Rick, that compels me to further research.  (Wait, what does she look like? Is she the one with the huge round hair?  Oh, no, that’s Callista.  And does Anne Romney always look like a backstabber, or is it just that one picture?) And so on. 

I thought maybe if I posted something, anything, even this confessional little paragraph, it would be a start.  So there it is.


  1. As someone who lives in the same county with the Wyeth family and was once represented by Ricky, I really identified with the problem of inaction. I prefer to think of it as diversion and doesn't everyone want one of those?

  2. you've probably heard about this site already but on the off chance that you haven't:


  3. As someone who procrastinates with a capital "PRO" I understand where you're coming from.

  4. It's almost like Seinfeld. A post about nothing....but ends up to be something. And funny. As long as you don't mention that "S" word....

  5. As someone who posts mostly pictures because her brain is mushy and what's the point anyway, I perfectly understand. However, the difference between us is you're actually very funny, and you just wrote a fun post about having nothing much to say.

    I can't keep those wives straight either. I assume I should start to pay attention soon. That makes me really tired.

    Looking forward to whatever you write next.

  6. If Romney became president, and was a polygamist, would the wives be referred to as the First Lady, the Second Lady and so forth? Would they be ranked by age or by date of marriage? Or does it go without saying that's the same?

  7. The scariest part of Callista's Stepford wife look is that helmet of hair, which I suspect could be used as a weapon if someone tried to physically prevent Newt from entering Tiffany's. Glad to see that you're (sort of) back.

  8. Thank you, everyone! I'll check out that site, Janet. And I think the numbering of the first ladies is a problem I hope we never encounter, but yes, I think it's the same. CC, thanks for the encouragement, and PC, I have been worrying about that hair since I first saw it.


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