Rule #1: No one cares what I had for lunch

I went to breakfast yesterday with my brother at a fine restaurant called Tommy's. 

Tommy’s is the kind of place that rents space on their coffee mugs and tables for advertising, so that our booth looked a lot a website without the content, just the ads.  Alas, the ads were peeling up -- that white blob on the right side of the photo is where there used to be table but now is just whatever is under the fake wood-grain laminate. 
Aerial view of our table, courtesy E-bro

“Are you getting eggs?” E. queried.

“Hmm, I only want an omelet if it’s going to be awesome.”

“Okay, based on what you know so far, the hostess, the waitress, the menu…. Is the awesome meter going up or down?”

“Definitely up.” The waitress appeared to have at least 50 years of experience and a charming lisp that may be related to one or more missing teeth. I’m not sure if she called me honey or not, but if she had I would have been okay with it, possibly even grateful.  The menu had things that you don’t find everywhere, like hamburger with fried eggs (one or more) on top.

We both selected, “The Mess” which was a rather yummy concoction made of all the other things on the menu.  We ate and talked about god and the investigations that we’re both the subject of while E. searched in vain for a wireless connection.

Day two, and I’ve broken one of my basic blogging rules, which is that no one cares what I had for lunch, but technically, this was breakfast.  I've also wrecked E-bro's day, because one of his pet peeves is if he first has to live through something and then read about it here.


  1. You have family that actually reads your blog? I can't imagine. Mine has amnesia where my blog is concerned. Or maybe just knowing me is plenty, reading my thoughts a bit tmi?
    Anyway, I for one don't mind reading what you had for lunch or breakfast, especially when you go somewhere interesting with so much character.
    Hope E-bro survives the deja-vu.

  2. There can be days when what you ate for lunch is the most interesting thing that happened. I know I've had them.

  3. Tommy's Cafe gets 4 Stars, the stars are rather tarnished and a couple are sticky, but 4 stars is 4 stars. Good Eats.

  4. I don't mind reading what you had for lunch. You always have a great story line with it.... :)

    Anyway, my blog always has food on it.....hahaha!! I didn't know about that rule! :(


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