Horoscopes by the elements

AIR:   The other day I was driving on the freeway and an object came rolling down the road; it turned out to be an LP.  Remember those?  33.3?  Anyway, it got me to wondering  if there are still people in the world with dial up connections.  Really?  Like, that screetchy sound of dial-up could also hurtle towards the windshield?  Anyway, things from the past, present, and future are all be swirling around out there like confetti.  Grab onto something and make it the present.

WATER: The whole financial world is in the hands of a few un-compromising whack-jobs who believe they are on a mission from god, and they're pretty sure that the great one in the sky won't let anything bad happen to These United States.  I wish these people start texting pictures of their groin around, but then again, uggh.  That's quite possibly the only thing that can save us now, Water.  See what you can do.

EARTH:  We all get this chunk of granite called our life, and chisel away at it, learning how to use the tools, trying to make something beautiful out of our one little rock.  But learning to carve beauty out of this rock, well, it's hard, and we make mistakes, and cut chunks out where the nose should be, or we slip just when we're about to make the wing.  And some days, you feel like, sheesh, other people have already figured this out!  Why must I carve my own stinking piece of granite in the dark with these stupid blunt tools?  Hasn't this been done do death?  And where are the bandaids?  Earth, the trick is to work those mistakes into the design, and grow to love the pattern you create like you would freckles emerging on a sunny day.

FIRE: What do you say, will these Republican bullies get their way, and sequester more of the wealth in the top tiniest percent, or do you think they'll actuallyconsider the long term health of the peeps?  As in, yeah, let's look at some other problems besides our tiny zealous attachment to the constitution, because climate change is a'coming, people are losing their houses, babies are dying, and we can make it better.  Um, yeah, let's see what happens.  Make that call, by the way, if you haven't already.

COFFEE:  Do you ever have that problem when you're trying to get out of town, and you put on the house-cleaning play list so you can get lots of stuff done, but then you make a ridiculous list, like "untangle the pile of yarn that's been sitting there for years", and "update the blog".  Yeah, coffee people, drink up, and just stop doing all the stuff that gets in the way.


  1. Too funny! As a Pisces, I assume the Water horoscope was mine. It's uncanny, because I did make my past my present - I pulled out all my LP's just this week!!! and played Hall and Oates Abandoned Luncheonette and realized that I knew the words to almost all the songs, but didn't remember that album or that I owned it until I pulled it out of the pile. I fear for what remains of my memory. Anyway, if you still have an old turntable and some old lp's I highly recommend you pull them out and play dj. Beats watching CNN and trying to keep the blood pressure in check.
    I have resorted to nasty tweeting my Congressmen, calling them on their inflammatory misinformation bullshit and begging them to play nice or play sanely. Think it will make a difference? Yep, me neither.
    Have a great weekend, whichever element rules you.

  2. I had forgotten about Boehner passing out checks from lobbyists. That pretty much sums up what's wrong with government. Too much money flowing where it shouldn't be. I had to quit reading the New York Times, makes me too angry and agitated. Love the horoscopes!

  3. Oh, Mel, that brought me back, the Abondoned Luncheonette. Sipping imaginary colas and drawing faces in the tabletop dust...

    And AM, I know what you mean. I can barely read the paper anymore.


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