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Sort of like horoscopes...

You know the kind of blog post you don’t want to write because, well, you’ve kind of got a broken-ish heart, and you know that you'll be fine, and everyone’s been there, and it just seems kind of cliché’d and trite to even write about?  But it's sort of on your mind?  Yeah, that’s the kind this is trying not to be.

Aries (3/21 – 4/19): I guess everyone is doing the very best they can along their own sorry little path.  Yeah.  That's actually true.  No one sets out to be mean-spirited.  So be grateful for the good and true moments in your life, and forgive the rest. In fact, those moments come at you so fast that you really need to be careful in order not to miss anything. Be that. Be that careful, tender person who doesn't miss a single good thing.

Taurus (4/20 – 5/20):  Of the thirty seven confirmed signs of ugliness, you don't even have one.  Not even close.  Share your lovely self out in the world, and enjoy your blessings.

Gemini (5/21 – 6/21):  Gemini, if you…

Home Stay

We just returned from our first Nicaraguan homestay, something that would be impossible without M., who speaks pretty fluently at this point. Or at least it seems like it to me.

We boarded a Nicaraguan bus at 6 am, rode on a windy dirt road listening to loud Nicaraguan radio for about 2 hours (have you heard ¨Killing Me Softly¨in Español lately¿?), and were dropped off at an intersection in the middle of nowhere. Our instructions were to take the road to the left, walk about 2K, and look for a sign. We did find a sign for La Perla. The sign pointed into a cow pasture, so we entered the barbed wire fence, and headed across a field. I was getting a little nervous that we wouldn´t find the house, or wouldn´t feel welcome. Shyness prevails with me in these uncertain situations, where I feel awkward being a privileged white American among such poverty.

It had been about three hours since we´d had access to a bathroom. We stumbled upon some people, and fortunately, our hostess wa…

Another week, another horoscope

Air Signs:  
So at the dentist the other day the chatty hygienist started telling me about how when she was a kid she used to pin her dog down and brush and floss his teeth every day.  "Wow, so that’s how it started," I responded.  She looked at me blankly. I know! So I explained, "you know, you’re hygienist career,"  she looked startled, and said that had never occurred to her, but maybe I was on to something.  Seriously?  She has to know it’s not normal to brush and floss a dogs’ teeth daily.  Anyway, Air Signs, start by looking at the obvious stuff.  It's really not that complicated.

Water Signs: I was sitting in my cubicle ruminating about some things, and maybe I didn't look super happy for a second because I was sort of staring into my full-spectrum light and sort of putting my head down on the desk at the same time, when my hockey agent walked by.  "I know that feeling.  The puck is so small, and the goal is so big.  And sometim…