Just askin'

Dear N'3lvra,

Is this Betsy person that posts your replies your assistant or is there a legal reason that you are unable to post these yourself?

Just Askin'

Dear Askin',

Betsy does the posting for me, true.  And she usually doesn't edit much.  I'm unable to post for a variety of reasons  -- I'm not really at liberty to discuss the legal matters yet, but all will be revealed in about 7 years.  That, and they keep me under heavy sedation most of the time, which isn't the worst thing in the world.  They dial it down a bit when a letter comes in, give me a few minutes at the keyboard, and then crank up the meds as soon as I'm done typing.

I hope they wake me up for the CD release party.  The last cd was excellent, but now they've actually written a song about Khortnee!  Or at least her room. 


  1. I have it on good authority that the band will indeed wake Khortnee up for the new CD release party. Assuming she's in her room, that is.


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