Rocket science meets brain science

For a few weeks now, I’ve been pretty aimless, wandering around getting nothing done, thinking when my next nap will be, and then taking a nap, and immediately starting to think how long is reasonable to wait before I can take another nap without seeming like on of those people.  The objective observer in me has been thinking, man, is she ever lame!  I would never be that way.  What way, exactly?  This way: “today, for sure, I’m getting a handle on all the stuff I need to do.  Yes, today is that day; I will make a list, and then I'll just work on it until it's done.  Oh, wait, the pen is way over there.  Never mind.  I think I'll go take a nap.”

This has been going on for a while, with me being super lazy and only dabbling with two out of many obsessions, and reading books about writer’s block and procrastination. Basically seeking the recipe to snap out of it, which lead me to a very interesting book, Midnight Disease, that talks about literature through the lens of brain science.  But then I put two and two together like a detective:  lots of coughing, lots of napping -- and realized that I’m sick, not lame!  The other good news is that it lead me to that book. 


  1. Duh. You're practically an invalid. Too bad you don't have servants bringing you tea and laudanum. It's hard to get good servants these days.

  2. I have a week's vacation starting NOW! I offer my nursing services. I'll call you! Love, Florence


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