Oh my, Courtness (I think that accidental spelling means Cortney combined with Countess combined with Goddess), I'm so discombobulated.

I have too much on my plate, so much that I think my stress-induced psoriasis is causing my hair to fall out in clumps. Have any good tips on wigs or fun hats? (No, I don't have an Adam's apple that needs cloaking with a scarf, just bare, scabby patches on my scalp!) And how does the Courtness deal with time management any way?

Next, my city-fied (NYC city-fied no less) daughter actually suggested we take a mushroom growing workshop together. You know, where you drill holes in logs, fill them with mushroom spores (uh, the edible, NON-psychotropic kind) and keep the log damp, in a shady place until you have lovely little shitakes, oysters or what-have-you, yes, mushrooming all about? In all my spare time. High heels, theater, modeling (the daughter, not me, for those three) and mushrooms. And at age 22 she actually wants to do something with me, her mother. Hmm.

Discombobulated is a word that fits, don't you think?

Sign me,

Dazed and Confused

My Dear Confusedness (which is a term for a temporarily confused goddess),

I have read your letter a few times now, and I can't quite think of any good advice.  Just this:  clean the bugs off your windshield (metaphorical and actual), put coconut oil (which is a solid at room temperature) on your scalp, and look forward to all of those mushrooms.  

How does Khortnee manage her time?  She tries to develop an obsession for the things that have to get done, and tries not to care about all the rest.  A little OCD goes a long way.


P.S.  Scarves are where it's at.  Put one over the bald patches, and perhaps over the mushroom log while it does its thing.



  1. You poor dear. BTW it's shiitake - otherwise, it's shit? Love you, Bets. Thought of you while listening to poetry slam on KUOW this morning. You should do that.


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