If the skirt fits

Text conversation with R. in the middle of the day today:

R:  During passing period, I asked Ms X [student teacher] if she was wearing a skirt or a kilt, and she took 5 points off my participation grade.

Me:  Oh, R.  Next time, could you just assume it's a skirt?  [I say this because I know how important it is to him that we use language precisely.   He's not just being a smart ass, language really does matter to him.]

R:  Easier said than done, Mom.  The item is plaid.


  1. People wonder why I have such a problem with traditional schools!
    a) Participation grade?
    b) -5 points?
    There is nothing wrong with me for not sending my kid to this school.

  2. Karen, if you don't send your kid to this school how is s/he going to learn the difference between kilts and skirts? Seriously, there is definitely something wrong with you for not sending your kid to that school. It's the school of hard knocks.

  3. Plaid gets what plaid deserves.

  4. R. sounds like my daughter, who at age 3 would say things like, 'Dad, it's not a shirt, it's a TANK TOP.'A very literal mindset is useful for all kinds of detail work, but doesn't always fit with social graces...


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