Follow up and Errata

My mom sent me a little note about this post, and it turns out I had the story a bit wrong, and as usual, the truth is better than my version, so I thought I'd mention it here.  After she visited a church during her church-shopping spree, a minister visited her at her home, un-invited.  She took the opportunity to ask whether he thought actions or belief were more important.  He said belief, which was a big turn-off, and she has been a Unitarian ever since.  (Thanks for reading, Mom.  :-)

The smelly pants, I know you've all been wondering about them.   Shortly after that post, I moved my cubicle (or stall, as we call them to demonstrate our connection with the ag community) to an area distant from the pants.  The next day, the supervisor spoke to the person about the cat-pee-infused leather pants, asking her if she could please store them in a locker on a different floor.  The owner of the pants stormed out, packed up her stuff, and neither she or the pants have been heard from in two weeks.  She hasn't quit her job though.


  1. Well, that's good news for you, but now some other innocent person somewhere else on the planet is trying to figure out how to get rid of a mysterious, revolting, newly arrived pair of cat-pee-infused leather pants.

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  3. Oh, I hope they don't end up in Augusta!


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