Dog party

A friend was mildly complaining about, or maybe a more accurate word would be commenting on, a birthday party that her pre-school children were invited to, and seeking ways to get out of it that wouldn't hurt anyone's feelings.  This, because the mother of the birthday girl is friends with the owner of a pet cemetery, and the party will be held at the cemetery.  But that's not all.  There's also a dog therapy pool; party guests are asked to bring their own dogs, and the children and pets will all swim together in the dog therapy pool.

I can totally understand why the prospect of plopping her not-strong-swimmer 3 and 5 year-old children into a pool with large dogs, urine of all varieties, dog hair, and whatever else, isn't her favorite idea.

"But think of the blog," I pleaded. 

After a tiny bit of discussion, she finagled an invitation for me, and told the hostess we would drop by briefly, pay respects to the dead and living animals and the birthday girl, and maybe make a donation to the cemetery foundation.  I don't think we'll be swimming, but still, I can hardly wait.


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