A Beacon for the Mentally Ill

N'3lvra received a surprising e-mail the other day:

"You are receiving this email based on the value I feel your website and the services you offer from your website holds. As the Chief Editor for Counselor.org I continually strive to find the best resources I feel are relevant to what we offer (FREE information), and make sure these resources are available to my users as well." Blah Blah blah, but instead of the blah blah blah, they wrote (with poor sentence construction, I might add), stuff about how valuable their website is for those with mental health issues, and how great Courtney is at also providing services to the mentally ill, and could I please link to their website, and they will be happy to do the same. I know! And then there was the stuff about how this offer only went to a few top quality websites, and Quartnee was selected after careful screening.

Um, seriously? Khortnee? Out of curiosity, I wrote back and said thanks for all the kind words, and what was it, exactly, about this blog that made it stand out as a beacon for the mentally ill. That was a few weeks ago, and I never heard back, but yesterday I got a similar e-mail from epsychology.org.

For the record, I would like to announce the following things:
  • Qyartney is not a real doctor. If this is an actual emergency, please go eat a piece of 12 layer cake like I did this weekend and can't stop thinking about.  (They counted the frosting layers to arrive at 12, but still.)
  • I certainly don't think my little readership is mentally ill.  That would look bad for both of us, wouldn't it? 


  1. This is hysterical! Perhaps WE ar hysterical......which IS a condition, no?


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