parenting insurance

Dearest N'3lvra,

I have brought my young impressionable children on vacation to what I thought was a peaceful beach. Instead, I find the police are on the beach every day with a giant digger trying to locate the corpse of a missing woman. I'm wondering if my children, ages 3, 5, and 5, are too young to sign a contract stating that they will not sue me for psychological treatment later in life for scarring them with this at such a young age. If they are too young, is there any kind of "uh-oh, I think I might have psychologically damaged my children" insurance?

A forward-thinking mom*

My Dear Thinker,
I think they're the perfect age for signing that contract, but the insurance is a stroke of genius. Be sure to get broad coverage: If you hurry your child along because, well, you must, and they complain that their shoes hurt, and then you say, just put them on, we'll worry about that later, and then later you realize that there's actually broken glass in the shoe, well, get coverage for that sort of thing, if available.


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