Dear Khortnee,

I need your help with holiday card etiquette. If I send a card out and it is returned "undeliverable, no forwarding address", I immediately want to delete that person from my list. After all, if they're not considerate enough to notify me that they moved sometime during the previous year, then they certainly don't deserve a picture of my adorable children.

My husband thinks differently. He thinks just because they're his relatives and are going through a nasty divorce or got put in a nursing home that we should give them some leniency. Could you help me to explain to him exactly why he is so very very wrong?



Dear Claire,
Of course he's wrong. Undeliverable means undeliverable. What part of that is so confusing to the father of those adorable children?

I think it's reasonable to assume that these "friends", and yes, I'm doing the motion that goes with those quotation marks, have traded in the opportunity to receive a picture of those lovely (and might I add intelligent) children for a spot in the witness protection program. Who would do that? I, for example, would let those children take me by the hand and show me their success in potty training, and no, I didn't get no stinkin' card, or even, I might add, a sticker on my star chart. I would let the mafia kill me as long as I get to keep my same address and get a chance to receive a pic of the lovelies.



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