Yes, as predicted.

The holiday breakfast went as predicted, with three unexpected twists:
1) no one did the "oh, shoot, I forgot my wallet" thing this year, which was a rather pleasant surprise.

2) one of the great mysteries of the workplace was resolved. The foul odor on our floor comes from the leather pants of a woman who has lots of cats that spray on the pants. When you smell that smell (every day), you know it's bad, but can't name it. But once you hear what it is, stale sweaty leather with old and new cat pee, you're like, Eureka! That's it! So in a strange way, that was a happy thing.

3) One member of our party sat as far as possible from the other participants while still technically being at the same table. If each person's spot at the table were outlined with a placemat-shaped rectangle, her rectangle would not have touched any of the others. I completely did not see that coming, but once it happened, it was like, duh. That was written in the stars, shoulda seen it first.


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