More days of christmas

I guess I like the oddball little fun things that I wasn't expecting best.  On Saturday, I went on a long hike in the woods behind my house, and when I got back to the lake, one of my neighbors was ice skating and his dogs were sliding all over chasing him. It looked so fun, and i must have seemed a little, oh, I don't know what the word is, but at any rate, he skated over and offered to let me use his skates, which were way too big, but still, I got to do a few laps around the lake, and only fell once when I was trying to demo warrior 3 for him, so I totally deserved that. I guess I was seeming pathetic enough that he invited me for fish tacos, which were yummy, but my question for you is this: when you get invited to a neighbors house for dinner, do they usually greet you at the door with a shot of tequila? Is that just a Lake M. thing?


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